Garden Of Eden: Still Life Photographs                    
by Andrzej Maciejewski
January 20 through March 18, 2015
Exhibition generously sponsored by

Tim Lawrence of Morgan Stanley Wealth Management in Jackson


Still Life with 94210(Canada), 4696(USA), 4279(China), 4664 (Mexico), 4761 (Costa Rica), 4708 (Mexico), 3302 (Chile), 4086 (Mexico), 4255 (USA), 4428 (Israel), 4936 (USA), 4943 (USA), 4237 (Costa Rica), 4052 (Costa Rica), 4407 (China), 4812 (USA), 4073 (USA), 4793(Colombia) and 3436 (USA).

The Garden of Eden exhibition features 24 color still-life photographs, resembling the paintings of the old masters, but with a modern twist.  The artist incorporates carefully composed fruits and vegetables along with precise lighting to create a dramatic display similar to the old master painters.  Surprisingly, the vegetation is photographed with the label stickers and plastic wrap still in place as if freshly purchased from the local market.  This depiction of PLU (Price Look-Up Codes) numbers and country origins represents the title of each work.  The photography project was completed in 2011 and its creation was supported by a grant from the Ontario Arts Council, Ontario, Canada.

The Polish-born artist Andrzej Maciejewski attended the College of Photographic Arts, in Ostrava, Czechoslovakia; the Polish Society of Art Photographers School and the Warsaw College of Photography, Warsaw, Poland.  He currently serves as a faculty member of Fleming College, Haliburton School of Arts in Ontario, Canada and exhibits his work internationally.

William R. Hollingsworth, Jr.: Sketches and Drawings  
January 20 through May 31, 2015
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